Hold Your Breath - April 2022 Exhibition 

Hold Your Breath is an immersive, multimedia installation that invites viewers into a space of reflection. Humbled by the unpredictable grandeur of it all, and the creeping sense that the nature we adapted to is slowly fading out of reach… we asked ourselves, “How has weather affected our lives this past year?”

The images transcribe our lived experiences and perspectives around noticeably uncertain and long-neglected climate issues, and in witnessing what our local communities have had to endure. Through our photographs, we brought to life a world in which something is a little off. They invite the viewers to participate in this world as distant observers, as if they were in space. Motifs include elements of fire, curious causes of decay, and ominous skies. The idea of Holding Your Breath, holding one’s breath, comes from the underlying sense that the world is collectively holding their breaths together, in not knowing what the future world may look like.

This exhbition included sounds played in the background so as viewers enter the space, they are transported into an illusionary world, both visually and acoustically. Through familiar sounds such as the intimate rhythm of a heart-beat, this piece solidifies the understanding of holding your breath.

Monika and Sara were selected on behalf of The James Black Gallery Residency Program, a program that provides a welcoming space for emerging artists to create a new body of work and to connect with fellow artists in the city. This queer-led and inclusive artist community is spearheaded by the Executive Director + Founder, Zandi Dandizette, taking place at a heritage space located in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC.

This is an ongoing series.


Sara Pimentel is a landscape and architectural photographer who is passionate about the relationship between nature and humankind, as well as the history within their community. 

Monika Krupicka is an environmental portraiture and still life photographer whose goal is to use the medium to immerse herself in humanitarian work. She is inspired by her childhood interests in anthropology and the outdoors.


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