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Sara Pimentel is a passionate architectural and interior design photographer who understands the physiological effects a well-designed environment will have to viewers. Her mission is to implement through photography the look and feel created by spaces and how they impact viewers.

Sara graduated with honours in the Honours Bachelor of Photography degree from Sheridan College in 2018; and has since been working towards building relationships with clients’ who want to take their brand to the next level. She understands the importance of marketing a cohesive and recognizable look in creating the best presentation.

Sara had the privilege of working alongside award-winning architecture photographer Ricardo Oliveira Alves in Lisbon, Portugal. As well James Brittain an award-winning photographer from London, UK. These opportunities allowed Sara exposure to the working environment and understand more about her field.

Specialization includes:

Interior Design Photography
Exterior Architectural Photography
Residential Architectural Photography 
Commercial Architectural Photography
Landscape Photography
Resort & Hotel Photography
Architectural Retouching  & Editing

︎ Vancouver, Canada
︎ (416)-879-1396